Home Automation

Our home automation solutions aim to give you complete control over your own house. We offer a bespoke service allowing you to dictate exactly how you want your house to function. Using Fibaro and other z-wave compatible products we can provide a central hub accessible on both a computer or your phone allowing you to monitor all your devices.

We have a wide catalogue of devices available including smart lighting, heating, blinds, motion sensors, light sensors, NEST thermostats, RING doorbells, door sensors, C02 and many more. We can then use Fibaro to create any script we want using these sensors just a few example:

   - Switch all the lights off when no motion has been detected in the house for an hour

   - Change which light a switch will operate depending on the time of day

   - Connect multiple devices to a single switch

   - Turn the kettle on when you get out of bed in the morning

   - Make the house have multiple heating behaviours depending on if you are home or away on holiday

   - Send a notification to your phone if the door is opened while you're away

   - Panic buttons and night mode protection

The list of possibilities are endless with this technology however we are always on hand to try and help you find a solution that best fits your needs.

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