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Solar Energy Installations

At Nexiom Ltd, we are experts in the installation of renewable energy on the Isle of Man, including solar photovoltaic panels (Solar PV), which can be used to power your home, leading to savings on your electricity bills and reducing your carbon footprint.


We have access to all the leading providers, enabling us to offer comparative quotes to suit your particular situation.


So what do you need to think about before investing in a Solar PV System?:


  • Does your roof catch the sun?  Solar panels need to be south facing for maximum exposure.


  • Is your property surrounded by trees or buildings that may cast a shadow over solar panels – this can significantly reduce the amount of electricity generated.


  • And, of course, is your roof structurally sound?  Not only will it have to support the solar panels but also the fixing frames.


At Nexiom Ltd, we are happy to visit your property to provide a Free onsite survey at which time we can advise on the both the suitability of your property and the most appropriate solar panels.

You don’t normally need planning permission to install  solar panels, and PV systems are particularly economical if you are planning on building a new home, or having a replacement roof, or significant works to your property, necessitating scaffolding.

If you’re interested in investing in Solar PV, and would like to know your options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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